Familie Skidmore
Pirklalm – Selbstversorgerhütte [Self Catering Lodge]
Mobil: +43 676 455 69 16
Email: info@pirklalm.com
Mailing address: 1040 Vienna, Schönburggasse 27/1/21
Member of the Styrian Economic Chamber
Right to exercise the profession: Renting and leasing
Jurisdiction: Vienna

[Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen]
General Terms and Conditions
In addition to the information and descriptions on the internet site, as applicable on the day the reservation is made, the following General Terms and Conditions shall form the basis of the contract.
Since with your registration you acknowledge these terms and conditions, we ask you to kindly read them carefully.

General information
All information provided on the internet applies as of July 2014. Any information is given to the best of knowledge and belief, however without any warranty. All prices specified on the website are prices in EUR. Errors, misprints & price changes reserved.

Familie Skidmore, Pirklalmhütte, mailing address: 1040 Vienna, Schönburggasse 27/1/21

Applicable law is the law of the republic of Austria. Venue for summary proceedings for order to pay debts and for legal action against Familie Skidmore, Pirklalmhütte, is the court of Vienna having jurisdiction.